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About Me

About Annette

Oh hey, it’s me: Annette (AKA Net, Nettie, Netris, or Neckarie)
I am a wife, mother, accidental photographer
a lover of the simple things
Flannel, creative, quirky: yup, that’s me
Coffee is my drink of choice,
but let’s not forget that good glass of red wine
Pizza, Steak, and Burgers are the foods I love
I may have been born in the wrong state – the mountains are calling:
Forests, mountains, views and cabins is what I long for,
My life revolves around my husband, my kids, my cat,
my God, and my photography

Nettie Marie’s Team

My Daughter
My Assistant

As a 14 year old, she is all things girl. She loves sparkle, sweets, and cats too. She helps me out in all my photo shoots, learning the ins and outs of photography. Love this girl!

My Cat

An indoor/outdoor cat, he is. Chester loves sleeping, hunting, eating mice, playing with his catnip-stuffed beaver, and did I mention sleeping? Boy, do I love this furball of a cat!

My Family
My Support

Yes, my family is my backbone. My hubby has supported me and my desire to photograph life through our whole marriage; whether it's by purchasing new equipment for me or helping me with my goals. My son is an extremely intelligent teenager who is all music, science and math. My family even allows me to take an occasional picture (although they are not always happy to get their photo taken, lol) -- It's real life and I'm ok with that.